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Is it possible that a team that draws  over 3.0 million fans annually  would be considered for sale?

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Major League franchise moves can break your heart

Major League franchise moves can break your heartMajor League franchise moves can break your heartMajor League franchise moves can break your heart

Get your baseball fix with new fiction by Patrick McLean, yes that's me, the Benchwarmer on this site.

A 'disposable asset.' Really? Say it ain't so!

'A Sense of Urgency' by Patrick McLean

The St. Louis Cardinals are coming off an improbable World Series Championship. A new year brings new unfriendly management at parent company Rheinhold Brewing.  

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There's new management at the ball club too

Mark Weber has just been installed as President & CEO of the St.  Louis Cardinals for the upcoming season He's the protégé of Hank Rheinhold, who hired him for the job before Hank's daughter returns to the business with her newly minted MBA and a strong desire to flex her new intellectual capabilities. 

But did she have to kick her Father to the curb? And ship off her next-in-line brother out of town?

Christina Rheinhold has big ideas for the brewery bearing her family's name. Unfortunately big ideas cost big money. She undergoes the typical cost cutting and revenue enhancement proposals but realizes the only way to get where she'd like to be is sell off non-beer assets. She's  not a baseball fan in the first place so what if, what if she could get three quarters of billion dollars for the team? So what if that money comes with strings attached,  meaning the team moves out of town. 

Christina's not dumb, Would there be a backlash that negatively impacts beer sales forever?

That's a serious concern , thinks Christina, but they'll get over it. Right? Meanwhile, Mark is taking no chances. He tries to stay at arm's length from Lauren who is assigned by Christina, to get a handle of revenues and expenses. She and Mark try to stay at arm's length, with varying success. The Ball club's General Manager. a well-respected newspaper columnist. a hall-of-fame former field manager, and a ghost, or spirit, or whatever, are recruited to off-set Christina's hell-bent attitude. 

Surely there's a better solution. A win-win?

Christina is not a consensus builder. Especially when she's holding what she perceives as the upper hand. But stuff happens. Even though there is mounting evidence that she may not get her way, Even if she has to play outside the lines and wind up on the wrong side of Shady Lane?

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2019 Sim Games

Even though there are other proposals being floated by MLB, we're going to continue to play out this scenario and see what happens.The season results will be reported in twelve segmemts of nine games each, in order to get to the proposed 108 game season. 

The first third of the season results arenow  in and here are the current leaders, plus two wild card teams.

SEE results below. 

The 2019 Season Reprise

In the absence of real live baseball, this website will start playing a computer version of the 2019 season featuring a twist or two: teams will be realigned in the proposed Grapefruit and Cactus League configurations. The season will run from April 1st (we'll get caught up quickly with  the calendar date soon) through October 15th. The  season will be 108 games in length and have 12 games against teams in each of own league division and six games against all other league teams. There will be no interleague games. The DH rule will be in effect for all teams.


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get it off your chest. Is your team doing enough in the off-season? What are your expectations 

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Current Division Leaders and Wildcards


Grapefruit and Cactus League Standings

Grapefruit League                                             Cactus League

East                                                                      North East

       Houston         26-7                                           Oakland           22-11

       Washington   20-13                                         Chicago (N)      22-11

       New York (N) 14-19                                         Colorado          17-16

       St. Louis         15-21                                          Arizona            18-18

       Miami               9-24                                          San Francisco   8-25

South                                                                    West

        Tampa          25-11                                           Los Angeles (N)25-8

        Minnesota    22-14                                          Chicago (A)      20-13

        Atlanta          20-13                                          Cleveland         19-14

        Boston          16-17                                          Cincinnati         19-14

        Baltimore     10-23                                          Los Angeles(A) 16-17        

North                                                                   North West

        New York (A) 19-14                                         Milwaukee        15-18

        Philadelphia  16-17                                         Kansas City       14-19

        Pittsburgh      16-17                                        Texas                  15-21

        Detroit            13-20                                        Seattle                13-20

        Toronto          11-22                                        San Diego             9-27